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Tollen Associate Programme

Marketing, Meet, Interactivity.

Not only do we provide the perfect digital solutions for your business, we  provide a different approach to marketing. With a keen focus on interactivity, we are proud to announce a very unique way to promote your business and bring it to life.

We can offer unique marketing,

Where no-one else can.

Make the smart marketing move

flexible, fluid and rewarding

Tollen Group offers you flexible, fluid and rewarding digital advertising and marketing opportunities. Our network of businesses are the perfect environment to showcase almost any product, service or brand.

Direct Referral Work

When buying a new house there is always a service you will need, from plumbers to interior designers we ensure you will receive referral directly from the agent.


For The Agent

  • Proven lead generator for estate agents with 42,000,000 EUR’s worth of property enquiries across 12 weeks in 15 agents, WHILE CLOSED!
  • Properties can be searched 24/7
  • Agents receive hot new leads, day & night.
  • Increases Estate Agents enquiries / sales which provides more business for the Associates
  • Estate agents provides referrals to their Associates
  • In their interests to refer work, If not the equipment will be relocated.
  • Associates give the agent an opportunity to provide a full and comprehensive service to their clients

For The Associate

  • State of the art system attracting a high footfall of passers by with unique eye catching display
  • Outward facing on an estate agents front window promoting not only to their customers, but to every single person who walks past.
  • Local Networking – Personal recommendations from the estate agents
  • Promote your services to new home buyers, existing homeowners and landlords
  • Ultra high brightness screens and Interactivity, creating a captive and a more engaged audience

Interactive Advertising Locations

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